domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

Virginia Woolf - To the Lighthouse

"She knew that he was thinking, you are more beautiful than ever. And she felt herself very beautiful. Will you not tell me just for once that you love me? He was thinking that, for he was roused, what with minta and his book, and its being the end of the day and their having quarrelled about going to the lighthouse. But she could not do it; she could not say it. Then, knowing that he was watching her, instead of saying anything she turned, holding her stocking, and looked at him. And as she looked at him she began to smile, for though she had not said a word, he knew, of course he knew, that she loved him. He could not deny it. And smiling she looked out of the window and said (thinking to herself, nothing on earth can equal this happiness).
'Yes, you were right.It's going to be wet tomorrow'. She had not said it, but he knew it. And she looked at him smiling. For she had triumphed again.”

"So much depends then, thought Lily Briscoe, looking at the sea which had scarcely a stain on it, which was so soft that the sails and the clouds seemed set in its blue, so much depends, she thought, upon distance; whether people are near us or far from us; for her feeling for Mr Ramsey changed as he sailed farther and farther across the bay."    


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